Lead Capture Technology for Real Estate Agents

Dedicated Phone Line and Text Message Integration for Your Real Estate Marketing

For agents trying to make it in the highly competitive real estate world, every single lead matters. With a dedicated phone line and a built-in text message lead capture system, Listing Power Tools ensures you never lose another lead to shared lines or autocorrect. You can even choose a local area code for your lead line, showing potential clients you’re an agent who knows the neighborhood and the market.

Get a Dedicated Phone Line

No more shared lines. With your own dedicated, text-enabled phone number, you’ll get an instant notification for every interested prospect. And, with unique codes for each of your listings, you’ll know which property your lead is inquiring about.

Increase Your Response Rates

With LPT’s integrated text capture technology, all interested buyers have to do to receive more information on your listing is text a four-digit code. They’ll get an automatic text response in just seconds leading them to your listing’s dedicated property website.

Never Lose Another Lead

Make orphaned leads a thing of the past. With Listing Power Tools’ text capture technology, leads can send the wrong code, the wrong message, or have autocorrect errors, and they will still be added to your database.

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Advanced Text Lead Capture Technology

Never Lose Another Lead with Smart Text Message Capture

Text Capture 1.0

User error is inevitable. With outdated text capture technology, even the smallest mistakes will cost you leads. Using these systems, if someone interested in your listing calls your information line and hangs up or enters the wrong code when they text for details, you lose that contact forever.

Text Capture 2.0

text capture

Listing Power Tools’ Text Capture 2.0 technology was designed to record your leads’ information no matter what. If a prospect texts in the wrong code or sends the wrong message, our system will still capture their contact details and add them to your lead database.

Dedicated Property Website

Give Interested Buyers the Information They’re Looking For
As a Listing Power Tools member, each of your listings will have its own dedicated website. Whether texting the code on your print marketing pieces or clicking on a digital ad, leads will be instantly directed to your landing page, exclusively featuring the listing that buyer is interested in.
Your listing’s dedicated website will include:
  • Mobile responsive design so interested buyers can view listing details whether they’re using a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Guaranteed 100% up-time, ensuring you never lose a lead due to your page not loading.
  • No third-party ads or competing listings — the focus is on your home, not ads for other products, services or other homes for sale.
  • Exclusive property details and photos so buyers can see exactly what your home offers.
  • The most accurate and up-to-date price information, not just a value estimate. A too-low or too-high estimate on a home portal can seriously hurt negotiations.
  • Retargeting capabilities so we can continue showing that potential buyer ads for your home.
Automated Text Response
Personal Text-Enabled Phone Line
Never Miss a Lead Technology
No Orphaned Leads
Unqiue Identification Code for Each Listing
Phone Call with Text to Speech
One-Step Call-to-Actions for Increased Response Rate
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