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Revolutionary Technology for
Real Estate Lead Generation.

Recapture and completely take control of your leads with a dedicated text-enabled phone number. Real estate agents just like you have been losing too many leads to online portals and shared text lines. With Listing Power Tools you completely transform your real estate marketing by eliminating barriers between you and your leads. It’s time to take your business to the next level.

Welcome to Text Capture 2.0 Technology

Forget Text Capture 1.0, where all you get is shared text lines, recycled codes, no option to call, lack of web integration and missed leads due to incorrect input.

Listing Power Tools provides Text Capture 2.0 Technology at Text Capture 1.0 prices.

Dedicated Text Line

We help you take back control of your leads with your very own dedicated text enabled phone number. NO MORE SHARED LINES means every interested prospect comes directly to you via an instant notification as soon as someone inquires about your listing.

Never Miss A Lead Technology

Text Capture Technology 1.0 is notorious for missed leads because of autocorrect or the consumer sending the wrong message. That’s in the past with Listing Power Tools and Text Capture 2.0! With our Never Miss a Lead Technology, they can send the wrong code, the wrong message, or have autocorrect errors, and you still get the notification and lead! Orphaned leads are a thing of the past with Listing Power Tools!

Tight Website Integration

Stop losing your leads to online portals. With Listing Power Tools every interested prospect who inquires about your listing will automatically receive a link to your property-specific landing page displaying property images and detailed information.

Increased Response Rates

Your property specific landing page is designed for increased response rates. There are no long forms to fill out; with a direct call-to-action, consumers click one button to inquire about the property, and you receive a notification with their most important contact information, helping boost the number of contacts from website visitors.

Phone Capture with Text to Speech

This feature gives prospects the option of listening to detailed information about the listing they’re interested in.

Segmentation By Codes

Each of your listings has a unique identification code, allowing you to know exactly which property a lead is inquiring about.

Average Text Capture 2.0 Cost: $250 - $350 Per Month LPT
Text Capture Technology for only:

$99 / a month!

Call now to get your $250 activation fee waived! Offer only valid for a limited number of agents in your market. Act now!

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Power Pack

Dominate listing presentations and generate buyer and seller leads with the Listing Power Tools Power Pack. While most agents simply flood online advertisements and online portals, sellers will be impressed when you showcase their property with the Power Pack. This all-in-one print marketing solution can be used for all of your listings. Sellers will be blown away by how much you plan to do to market their property to get it sold! At the same time, you’re positioning yourself as a real estate marketing expert for future sellers. Click here to see more details about each piece!


Pieces of custom marketing materials


Different styles of high quality marketing items


Professionally packaged box designed to impress home sellers


Per listing

Choose your Power Mail
Secure More Listings!

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Power Mail

Listing Power Mail is professionally designed direct mail marketing tested by real estate agents for maximum response rates and at an unbeatable price! It’s the perfect way to get your listing into the hands of buyers while showing potential sellers you aggressively market their listing! Our “Done for You” direct mail process handles the mailing list, printing, addressing, postage and delivery of all direct mail orders. You simply upload the images and input listing information, order, and we handle the rest! And we do it all at a price that can’t be beat!

150 Homes$67.50 (.45 each)
200 Homes$90 (.45 each)
300 Homes$126 (.42 each)
400 Homes$168 (.42 each)
500 Homes$200 (.40 each)
600 Homes$228 (.38 each)
750 Homes$285 (.38 each)
1000 Homes$330 (.33 each)
Enhance Your Direct Mail with

Lead Capture Technology

Add SmartID to track responses by household. Each card will be printed with a unique text code linked to the specific address that received the postcard. When an inquiry is received using a SmartID, our system will link the SmartID with the first name, last name, and address associated with that postcard. When you add SmartID to your mail purchase, you’ll also receive a file containing the consumers' data, including phone numbers (where available).

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Ready to Stop Losing Listings and Your Leads?

Show up like no one else and get a competitive edge with Listing Power Tools. Showcase your marketing potential with dynamic single property marketing materials and show the seller that you’re the agent that can get their home sold in the best time, at the best price.

Offers and Leads That Grow Your Business

We give you back YOUR LEADS! We don’t share or recycle leads to any third parties. You work too hard to not generate the buyer and seller leads you need to grow your business! Through a combination of your personal text enabled phone number, the LPT Power Pack, and Power Mail, you are guaranteed to dominate in real estate. Take back your leads today!

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