Lead Capture Technology

Text, Phone & Web Tightly Integrated Into Your Real Estate Marketing Materials

Listing Power Tools provides you with your own dedicated text enabled phone number with the local area code of your choosing for our phone and text message auto response system. Each listing is given a unique property specific shortcode!

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Text Capture 2.0

With your personal text enabled phone number.

Text Capture 1.0

User error is inevitable, and with Text Capture 1.0 it will cost you leads. Users consistently stop filling out forms, or they enter the wrong code or message which results in you missing out on that lead.

Text Capture 2.0

text capture

Text Capture 2.0 is designed to ensure you get the lead’s information no matter what. Whether they text the wrong code or send the wrong message, you’re still notified and know which property their inquiring about. Plus, our one step form makes it simple for users to submit their information with no hassle for increased response rates.

Automated Text Response
Personal Text-Enabled Phone Line
Never Miss a Lead Technology
No Orphaned Leads
Unqiue Identification Code for Each Listing
Phone Call with Text to Speech
One-Step Call-to-Actions for Increased Response Rate

Personal phone number

No more shared phone line and battling for your leads. Your personal text-enabled phone number makes sure your leads come to you.

Win the battle at the sign

Interested prospects think they have to search online for listing information. NOT ANYMORE! Your text-enabled phone number directs interested prospects to immediately contact you.

Never Miss a Lead

With our Never Miss a Lead Technology you still capture the lead if the consumer texts the wrong information. No more missed leads because of autocorrect and other message mishaps. You STILL get notified NO MATTER WHAT!

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