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Stop marketing to the wrong audience!

Mail is powerful and it’s the easiest and most inexpensive way to consistently put yourself in front of potential clients. We take it a step further with direct power mail making it fast, affordable, and even trackable!

"Why do I need
Direct Power Mail?"

  • Fast and Affordable:
    Listing Power Tools offers the lowest direct mail prices in the industry! Our "done for you" process handles the mailing list, printing, addressing, postage and delivery of all orders.
  • Filter your targets:
    Our direct power mail gives you the option to add on filters such as homeownership and length of residency so that you market to the right people.
  • Track every response:
    Our SmartID feature sets up a short code that links each postcard to the specific name and address of the person who received it so you’ll know exactly who responds to your mail.
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Track Individual Responses with

SmartID Technology

Watch your leads roll in and track individual responses by household with SmartID. Each postcard comes printed with a unique short code that is linked to a specific address that received the postcard. When an inquiry is received using SmartID, our system links that short code to a first and last name and the address associated letting you know EXACTLY who the lead is. Adding SmartID to your power mail also means you will receive an exclusive file containing the consumer’s data including their phone number! (Where available)

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Done For You
Direct Mail Process!

We do all the work for you! You simply upload the images and information, order and We Handle the Rest! All at a price that can’t be beat!

Choose from 150-1000 6x9 full color, highquality postcards to send to the nearest homes of your listing. We’ll also allow you to filter your audience by targeting homeowners, renters, and length of residency.

150 Homes$67.50 (.45 each)
200 Homes$90 (.45 each)
300 Homes$126 (.42 each)
400 Homes$168 (.42 each)
500 Homes$200 (.40 each)
600 Homes$228 (.38 each)
750 Homes$285 (.38 each)
1000 Homes$330 (.33 each)
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