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The #1 Thing Home Sellers Want
is Marketing - Stop Losing Listings

Sellers want marketing and the Just Listed Power Pack puts the marketing plan in your hands to showcase at each listing presentation. Excite any home seller with how you’re going to market their property and get their home sold quickly for the best price.

Marketing Real Estate Agents Can Rely On

The Just Listed Power Pack is the simple and reliable marketing plan you’ve been waiting for. Each piece of high quality marketing material works to get your listing sold and helps you earn more listings in the process as you prove that you’re a single property marketing expert.

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Just Listed Power Pack

The Just Listed Power Pack is custom made for you to help you win listing presentations, increase exposure for each listing, and generate buyer and seller leads.


Stamp and mail 16 high gloss full color property specific postcards with a handwritten personalized message to targeted households.

Send to:
  • Recently expired listings
  • Previous prospects interested in that neighborhood
  • Tenant-occupied homes close to the property
$30 Value

Thank You Cards

Always show your appreciation with a handwritten personal message on 12 personalized thank you cards that showcase each individual property. Our thank you cards make it easy to increase your influence, earn referrals, and build relationships.

Send to:
  • Individuals you’ve had a conversation with while door knocking
  • Anyone who views that property
  • Your sellers, with a photo of their house on the card
$30 Value

Business Cards

Market your listing wherever you are! With a total of 35 business cards, 15 bifold and 20 traditional single property business cards, you’re able to share your listing at all times.

Use to:
  • Pin on bulletin boards
  • Hand out to anyone who may be interested
Get your seller involved!
  • Co-workers
  • Relatives
  • Friends
$20 Value

Door Hangers

With 42 high quality, full color door hangers, you can get out and meet the neighbors. Go house to house with door hangers featuring your property photos, information, and your Listing Power dedicated phone number for lead capture.

  • Meet the neighbors
  • Show the future prospects that you do what it takes to market your listings by posting your meetings with the neighbors on social media
$25 Value

Small Flyers

28 full color 5x7 property flyers are included in the Power Pack to help you market your listing and leave a lasting impression.

  • Put in local coffee shops and restaurants
  • Community areas
  • Display at the office
  • Use when door knocking
$25 Value

Large Flyers

Our 24 8 ½ x 11 property flyers included in the Power Pack are the perfect way to display and generate buzz over your listing.

  • Use these as in-house brochures
  • Give prospects something to leave with and remember the house by
  • Leave at the house so the seller always has something to give
  • Open house guests will be in awe of the materials
$30 Value

Sign Riders

Win the battle at the sign by attaching your 12x24 sign rider to your listing sign. Your unique dedicated phone number is displayed on your sign rider, which also includes high quality photos of the listing. Prevent prospects from searching online and let them connect with you directly about all listing information.

Attach your sign rider to your listing sign and win the battle at the sign. Capture interested prospects and leads at the sign instead of losing them to online portals.

$30 Value

$190 value for

Only $30!

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